Shiloh Childrens Care need your help

Op Faceboek vond ik de hulpkreet van Josh

voor Shiloh Childrens Care


Shiloh Children’s Care is a non-profit organisation based in Jinja, by the Nile in Uganda, Africa.
Servant of God, Josh Sserwadda, is a caring and active caretaker of the children in the orphanage.

Josh Sserwadda orphanage

I found this prayer on Facebook

17 juli 2015 Our dear friends, we request for your prayer support for God’s provision of electricity and water bill; water at the orphanage has been cut off yet the tank for rain water storage is not connected with gutters to let water in from the house. We have to connect it to get rain water for cloth washing and house cleaning. Help pray please.

Shiloh Childrens Care need your help


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Shiloh Children's Care need your help

Shiloh Children’s Care

I found this cry for help

10th of august 2015 We have run short of food at the orphanage; I can’t keep silent when they are missing out on breakfast and lunch. Please help join hands in love to support on their feeding, clothing, and education.

Education is the base of wellfare

21 oktober 2015 Allow me share this picture of some of the kids which have not been to school yet. I really need almost all to go to school next year apart from Zachariah in the middle. All I can do is to help seek for them Sponsors.

Shiloh Childrens Care need your help

Shiloh Childrens Care need your help

Shiloh go fund me

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